20 Aug

Significant Features of Dual Monitor Stand

The 100-D28-B33 Monitor stand by Ergotech is designed to support as many as 6 monitors, in a 3-over-3 mode that provides you two rows of monitors for easy viewing. Additionally, the stand also has easy adjustment options so you can have the ideal viewing angle regardless of which sort of need you have for so many monitors.  The 100-D28-B33 is a hex LCD monitor stand. It gives minimal installation and comes pre-assembled so you do not have to do as much work. Additionally, it has a fast release installation so you can place monitors in without difficulty. Cable management along with a lifetime guarantee add much more to the 100-D28-B33 that clients appreciate when they require a high quality monitor stand for an inexpensive price. Another alternative that people have is that the 100-D16-B02, which is a dual horizontal monitor stand. This one retains two monitors side-by-side for optimum viewing and keeps them in the perfect angle and height without difficulty.

Dual Monitor

Whether you choose the 100-D16-B02 or the 100-D28-B33 monitor stand depends upon everything you need from the standing stand. It is all about getting the tools you will need to make a more efficient workspace and Ergotech makes a broad choice of products which provide the solutions your business needs. These may be purchased for private use, also, even though the hex stand model appears to be more of a company use thing. It really all depends on what you need, however.

Having a flexible, Easy-to-install monitor stand like both of these versions from Ergotech will Make your life much easier. The 100-D16-B02 is a great choice for anyone who Requires a simple dual monitor and with a lifetime warranty; you really Cannot be the cost. If the 100-D16-B02 is not large enough, you may need to Pay attention to the hex monitor stand out from Ergotech. Obviously, there are also plenty Of versions in between that may provide you more choices for your best dual monitor stand Needs, so make certain to check out the whole selection before making your choice. These stands take out the hassle of using multiple monitors and give people quality solutions for less.